Classic Car Keys

Min order $25. Retail homeowner & car owner customers please contact your local locksmith or key cutting service. We do not sell to the end user. Limited Stock Only.

Buick - All Years thru 1966
Chrysler - 1956 an On



Ford Mustang

For those 1965 - 1966 Mustang enthusiasts, A limited number of MUSTANG PONY keys are available with the Mustang pony logo.

These are the ignition & secondary keys with the Mustang Pony on one side and "USA" on the other for 65 - 66 Ford Mustangs (1127MU & S1127 keyway)

specify how many of each.

While Supplies Last (uncut)!

These are intended for Mustang clubs and owners

2 for $25.00 retail
4 for $35.00 retail

Pegasus Key

Type A
This key can be cut for fit any General Motors car - 1940-1966 (B10)
Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Corvair, Corvette, Chevy

Type D
This key can be cut to fit all Ford products from 1952 -1964
Ford, Falcon, Mercury, Comet, Edsel, Lincoln,Thunderbird
(only 5 in stock)

Pontiac GM -
1967 On

St Christopher Key
Key with "Saint Christopher - Be My Guide" engraving

Type D
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury 1952 and on

Type E
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury - 1932 thru 1951
Packard - 1957 & 1958
Studebaker Commander -1941 thru 1957

Type G
Packard, Hudson, Nash - 1935 on

Type L - (Head varies. No "Saint Christopher - Be My Guide" engraving. Only St Christopher's image is engraved)
Ford thru 1966

Only round bow/head left - while supplies last
Click picture or above link for picture of all

We have acquired several hundred of these GUILD shiny gold keys. They haven't tarnished nearly like brass does and we understand they've got some sort of gold plating.
(We understand 24k BUT
can NOT guaranty that!).

These are available as follows:

Guild "D" fits H27 / 1127DP (Ford Edsel)
Guild "G" fits B3 / 1098L (Gas & Big Rigs)
Guild "L" fits B48A (GM A)
Guild "M" (not sure, milled thinner than GM A)
Guild "P" fits Y152 / Y153 (Chrysler)
Guild "R" fits B44 (GM E)
Guild "S" fits GM J

$1.00 per key for 1 - 24
$0.85 per key for 25 - 99
$0.75 per key for 100 +

Min total order $25.00


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