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Prolok Blue Punch
Rytan RY2000 NEW Punches
Code, Key Blank Cross Ref, and Master Key Computer Software available!

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Ilco Universal II alternative to HPC Blitz 1200CMB

Kaba-Ilco Universal II™
- The Ultimate "Card Type" Code Milling Key Machine -

Compare to the HPC 1200CMB Blitz
but backed by the power of Kaba - Ilco!



This had been discontinued. Taking its place are two alternative versions - Ultracode A/T and the Ultracode Deluxe. See below for details

Ultracode A/T

Kaba Ilco is pleased to announce the addition of the Ultracode A/T to its high quality electronic code machine product line. The Ultracode A/T is specifically configured for cutting automotive keys; by bitting number, indirect code, or duplication. It is the ideal product for the automotive locksmith or car dealer~ It's also a stand-alone product; all data pertaining to covered applications is stored in an internal database... no external coputer required to operate.

Strongly relying upon time proven Ultracode technology, this new version retains the accuracy, ease of use, and dependability characteristics the Ultracode is famous for. The Ultracode A/T is though, specifically designed for the automotive applications only, and not intended for cutting commercial keys or inerfacing with PC based software.


  • Electronically controlled stepper motor cutting process delivers superior accuracy
  • Cuts automotive keys by bitting number, indirect code, or high accuracy duplication
  • Intenal database contains key codes and cut information for thousands of automotive keys; superb out-of-box capability
  • Easy to see LCD display with simple to follow screen menus
  • "One Cutter" design; no need to switch cutters for different applicationsEasily updated as new vehicle lookinng systems are released

Pricing : inquire

Ultracode Deluxe

This is a "Full Featured" Ultracode bundled with a selection of adapters, a carbide cutter, and Kreate-A-Key Software.

Price - inquire

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Ilco EZ™-Code

Electronic Operation
For Automotive and Commercial Keys

Dual Function - Code and Duplication
The Ilco EZ-Code is an electronic code machine designed to deliver high level performance at a moderate price. Accurate and simple to operate, the Ilco EZ-Code will cut automotive and commercial keys by bitting number, indirect code (automotive keys) or by duplication.

Special features include; Automatic calibration, key edge detection (with automatic taper correction), versatile two-position vise jaw, and powerful on-board data base of automotive codes and automotive/commercial key cut specifications.


  • Cuts hundreds of automotive and commercial cylinder keys by bitting number or duplication
  • Cuts popular automotive keys by indirect code number
  • Extensive "on-board" database of automotive codes and key cut specifications (automotive and commercial)
  • Versatile Two-Position vise jaw securely clamp even the "hard-to-grip" keys
  • Electronic key edge detection; provides greater flexibility for clamping keys
  • Automatic taper correction minimizes the “human factor” when positioning keys in the vise
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motors provides dependable results
  • Easy view LCD display and generous size keypad for easy operation
  • Simple to install, SD memory card software update process
    Equipped with a durable * cobalt steel cutter
  • Available 110V-AC
  • Estimated Weight : 52lbs


*carbide cutter also available

Download Brochure
Download Operations Manual

Watch the Video

Pricing : inquire





BP201IC - I-CORE A2 SYSTEM (Price $1,025)

  •  A2 Standard Interchangeable Core (I/C)
  •   Best, Falcon & Arrow Small Format I/C Key Sections A-R, TA-TE, W and Arrow 1A-4D
  • *Will cut A3 & A4 w/ purchase of code bar
  • Exclusions: Arrow Flexcore, Kaba Peaks, Insta-Key


BP201KWKWIKSET (Price $1,025)

  • Kwikset Standard - Titan* *(Will Not Cut Square 1st Cut),Yale Residential


BP201SC - SCHLAGE-CLASSIC - ( Buy It Online)

  • Schlage Classic (Including I/C) Obverse Key Sections Only
  • C, CE, E, EF, F, FG, G, H, J, K, L (Aftermarket L Blanks Only)
  • Primus - Same Key Sections As Obverse Except A “P” Has Been Added To Keyway # (ie: CP, CEP, EP,....... Etc.)
  • Schlage Everest - C Key Sections (I.E. C123, C124, C126, C135, C145......Etc.) (Including I/C)
  • Everest Primus - Uses Same Names as Primus
  • Exclusions: Numbered Key Sections, Quad Key Sections, Reverse Key Sections, Everest - B (B + 3 Digits), Everest - D (D + 3 Digits)

Rytan DUAL Punch Machine:

Rytan finally came up with a new quality
punch machine for a decent introductory price!
The RY2000 gives you plenty of options in one punch machine.

Build up to 24 machines with these Quick-Kits, including dual machines.
For example, you can put a Schlage punch set up on the right (as pictured above) plus you can add a Kwikset set up on the left side at the same time. Just change the space bar to change switch from Schlage to Kwikset. No Tools Required!

Single RY2000 Kwikset (Buy Online)
Single RY2000 Schlage (Buy Online)
Buy any DUAL RY2000DUAL punch for only $1,130.00

We usually have a couple Schlage and Kwikset dual punches in stock. Or order it with any of these. The dual does require Schlage-Classic/Everest on the right, as the base. You can get Schlage reverse on the left (now separate) or another of the below listed on the left.

Ilco Exacta Key Code Cutters / Punches:

MK1/MK2 Punch Machines (Exacta Code Cutters)


key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys

Ilco MK1(discontinued)/MK2(discontinued) Code Cutters / Punches (Made in USA) Appropriately named, Exacta makes keys exactly like factory originals. Hand-operated... no pattern keys needed... originates keys by depths and spacings. MK1 Cuts Auto Keys By Code. MK2 & MK3 Cut Cylinder Keys By Code.

MK2-SCHLAGE Includes cutter and punch kit for Schlage
Web price $546.65
(Kit if purchased separately MK2-SCH-AE $210.5.00)


MK2-KWIKSET Includes cutter and punch kit for Kwikset 5 pin
Web price $528.5
(Kit if purchased separately MK2-KWI-AE $193.85)


This table is for your reference only. MK1's MK2's and MK3's are all discontinued by manufacturer


Basic MK1 Exacta Only, No parts or kits, automotive model.
While a code machine has it all, these kits are great to have in the car when
you're trying to cut those first couple cuts one at a time in the driver's seat!
(This punch needs auto kits. Click here for kits.)



MK2 Exacta w/parts to cut Best, Dexter, Kwikset, Schlage, and Weiser.



MK2 Exacta w/parts to cut Best or Schlage.



MK3 Exacta specifically designed to cut Titan and Kwikset.
Instruction Manual - click here


** Some parts may still be available. Click here to see what we have left.

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key cutting machine KEY BLANK CUTTING MACHINE cut keys



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