Promotional Key Blanks

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Precut Key blanks,
key blanks with sports or company logos,
key blanks for troops support,
key blanks for
give-a-ways or contests or ...
Custom Engraved Padlocks

and what a huge variety!

There are times, especially around the holidays, that marketing companies call daily & we have a run on promo keys.
When we are low, if you do not need precuts or want mixed keys, click here for a hot special on mixed keys!

We actually were informed of a great promo idea on assorted uncut keys !
A BARREL KEY PROMOTION involves a large assortment of uncut keys placed in a barrel of your choice.
See below the precut table for details on the barrel key promotion.

If you want something different please inquire.

Quantity breaks are ONLY valid if all are ordered & paid for all at once.
Freight included is regular ground to one lower 48 US address.
Please read purchase terms at bottom of this table.


M1 Pre Cut Sample

M1 (Master) Pre Cut Keys

$3,250.00 (0.13 ea)
$1,500.00 (0.15 ea)
$850.00 (0.17 ea)
(Est 12lbs)
$190.00 (0.19 ea)
$125.00 (0.25 ea)
$28.00 (0.28 ea)

(winning keys $1.85 each)

Here's some custom engraved padlocks that will go great with these keys.

** We now only have Nickel Silver colored Keys not brass(gold) **


Most of the above PRECUT cylinder keys must be purchased in quantity increments shown or more(subject to change without notice). Minimum may vary depending on availability.
* Padlocks and other locks referenced are additional. Freight is only included on orders shipped to within the USA's lower 48 states AND only on orders above the quantities listed by key, either via UPS regular ground, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate or by truck at LV Sales's option. Ask if you can upgrade to a faster method for an extra charge, if you need the keys quicker. We can now ship to Alaska, Hawaii & the US Territories using the USPS flat rate priority mail boxes and consider discounting your freight on a case by case basis at our discretion if you order above the free freight minimums above. This has been a great means of being able to help customers outside the Continental USA / off the mainland. We are very pleased to be able to help save our customers shipping costs as best as we can.


Some keys may be in stock in our warehouse or the factory, but some may require up to a 12 week lead time (more when imported)! Be sure to do your research far ahead of your planned promotion to avoid last minute tie ups and tension! :-) Orders for precut keys are SPECIAL ORDERS, must be PREPAID and are NOT REFUNDABLE EVEN IF WE HAVE NOT YET SHIPPED i.e. if we have them in production at the factory, you bought 'em! (Error allowance plus or minus 5% - most counted by weight). We will use discretion on keys we usually stock and may consider if we will accept any back for our 25% restocking fee. This will be on a case by case basis because stock on promo keys can vary greatly at times. If we do accept a return, first we will recalculate the each price based on the final quantity you keep in addition to the 25% restocking fee. This prevents anyone from attempting to be sneaky and get a better price break for less keys than they intended to keep. And believe me, it's been tried. That said, we are reasonable and will work with our regular returning customers as best as we can. In return please consider that we have to pay employees to pull and put back stock that is bought and returned, as well as accounting staff to process invoices, payments, statements etc., which is partially what the restocking fee is intended to cover. This is no guaranty that we will accept a return on promo keys. Customized keys are NOT returnable as you can understand. We can't sell keys with someone elses business info on them for any reasonable price without great effort, if at all.

Only round bow/head left -
while supplies last Click picture or above link for picture of all

We have acquired several hundred of these GUILD shiny gold keys. They haven't tarnished nearly like brass does and we understand they've got some sort of gold plating.
(We understand 24k BUT
can NOT guaranty that!).

These are available as follows:

Guild "D" fits H27 / 1127DP (Ford Edsel)
Guild "G" fits B3 / 1098L (Gas & Big Rigs)
Guild "L" fits B48A (GM A)
Guild "M" (not sure, milled thinner than GM A)
Guild "P" fits Y152 / Y153 (Chrysler)
Guild "R" fits B44 (GM E)
Guild "S" fits GM J

$1.00 per key for 1 - 24
$0.85 per key for 25 - 99
$0.75 per key for 100 +

Min total order $25.00

St Christopher - Be My Guide Key
Key with "Saint Christopher - Be My Guide" engraving.

Type - D
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury 1952

Type - E
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury - 1932 thru 1951
Packard - 1957 & 1958
Studebaker Commander -1941 thru 1957

Type - G
Packard, Hudson, Nash - 1935 on

Price each

Pegasus Classic Type A
This key can be cut for fit any General Motors car - 1940-1966 (B10)
Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Corvair, Corvette, Chevy

Pegasus Classic Type D

This key can be cut to fit all Ford products from 1952 -1964
Ford, Falcon, Mercury, Comet, Edsel, Lincoln,Thunderbird

Price each

Classic Pontiac/Buick Car Keys




For those 1965 - 1966 Mustang enthusiasts, A limited number of MUSTANG PONY keys are available with the Mustang pony logo.

These are the ignition & secondary keys with the Mustang Pony on one side and "USA" on the other for 65 - 66 Ford Mustangs (1127MU & S1127 keyway)

specify how many of each.

While Supplies Last (uncut)!

These are intended for Mustang clubs and owners

2 for $25.00 retail
4 for $35.00 retail
Blue Transparent Plast Key Green Transparent Plast Key Orange Transparent Plast Key Pink Transparent Plast Key Purple Transparent Plast Key Red Transparent Plast Key Yellow Transparent Plast Key
Plastic Transparent Keys
12.5cm (5in)  x 5.5cm (2.5 in)

Lucky Brass Plated Zinc Skelton Keys

(Minimum order $25.00)

(notched bit)
Your cost:

Order as-

bag of 100 keys
(weight estimate : 1 key = 0.4oz)
$   39.42 ($0.3942 ea)
bag of 500 keys
$  189.25 ($0.3785 ea)
1,000 keys (usu bags of 500ea)
(est weight = 17 lbs)
$  362.70 ($0.3627ea)



Silca N-1054MT DND Key Blanks:
$8.00 per box of 50 !!
(Regular $17.50)
Brass Ilco lock Neuter Bow
embossed on one side
other side plain.
16 ˘ Super blow out price for overstock!
XREF: Dominion X53 / X54MT, Ilco / ESP IN33,
Star 5IL11,Taylor L53X,
(singl shldr version of L1)
While supplies last


Want a mixed assortment of uncut keys?
Click here for another option!

Antique Padlock replicas available (Click Here)!



Major League Baseball keys
National Basketball Association keys
National Football League keys
National Hockey League keys

National Team Keys now available in KW1 & SC1 keyways!
Order yours / your customer
s' favorite national team keys.
Find the raised MLB logo hidden on the key head!

Team Key Blanks


Get YOUR OWN Custom Painted keys with your logo, design or picture!
Custom Painted Key Blank Product Style

1,000 (minimum)
Standard Key Bow (KW1, SC1 or WR5)
(large head version of the standard heads)
OS (aka TeamKey Bow like the Red Sox above)
KeyTool (shaped like a key but with a bottle opener and screw driver end - pretty cool for parties!)

*Other charges may apply.

  • $250.00 tooling charge per design. e.g. If same design both sides, then only only tooling charge will be charged. If a different design on each side, then two tooling charges are charged.
  • Photographic images must be in .JPG format. Graphic design (logo) must be vector art in .EPS or .TIFF. Specify PMS colors. Minimum 300dpi . Allow 1/4" bleed on all sides of artwork.
  • Any art/design development or manipulation of customer supplied art by the factory is charged at $75/hr (min 1hour)
  • Deposit of 50% of quantity ordered is required at the time of order. Once production starts, no cancellations are allowed. Balance due prior to shipping. Design tooling and art design fees are not refundable or cancelable and are due in full with the order.
  • Minimum order 1000 pieces per style ordered
  • Expect 8 - 10 weeks for new orders, after your approval of samples and artwork (more if art design by factory is needed). Reorders typically 3 - 4 weeks.
  • Further details are available on the Custom Painted Key Order Form. If interested in ordering inquire and we will fax you a form.

Keylights tm
Key Lights
- Thinner than you've ever seen before!

Yellow Ribbon Keys


(WE DO! Ernie here recently finished over
a year activation, including missions in/out of the Middle East)


Green SC1 House Key

The House Key
Check out these Novelty Keys
8 color variations
SC1 & KW1 Keyways
Click Here!

Custom Engraved Padlock

** We now only have Nickel Silver colored Keys not brass(gold) **

$15.00 each

(winning keys $1.85 each)


ILCO Hotel/Motel Florentine bkgrnd octagon
Florentine Octagon

Hotel / Motel (large bow) key blanks available in Round, Octagonal, Oval (Rectangular), Square and Shield style bows with either Smooth, Florentine or Pebble background finishes. Emboss or imprint your's or your customer's logo, company name & address, return postage message & address, or other message on the bow (head) of the key. Available in several keyways.
Click Here!
for more information!
ILCO Hotel/Motel Florentine bkgrd Oval(Rectangular)
Florentine Oval(Rectangular)


Schlage Presentation Keys
(Special Order only)
Part Number
Key Blanks
Velvet case with 2 standard bow Classic gold plated blanks, embossed both sides


Velvet case with 1 large bow Classic gold plated blank, embossed both sides


Velvet case with 1 Everest® gold plated blank
Cut Keys
Velvet case with 2 standard bow Classic gold plated keys, embossed both sides


Velvet case with 1 large bow Classic gold plated key, embossed both sides
Velvet case with 1 Everest gold plated key
Master Keys
Velvet case with 2 standard bow Classic gold plated keys, embossed both sides
Velvet case with 1 large bow Classic gold plated key, embossed both sides
Velvet case with 1 Everest gold plated key

Presentation Key includes stick on etch plate so you can have the recipients information stamped or engraved (we do not etch).
Measures about 8-1/8" total length x 2-5/8" (bow width)

Ilco# 703-03-41
Presentation Key, polished brass
Ilco# 703-27-41
Presentation Key, satin chrome   
Not in Stock. Special Order ONLY

Nickel plated metal presentation key


This nickel plated presentation skeleton key measures about 7-1/4" long.
Seven & 1/4 inches long with bow (oval head) at about 3" tall.
#Large nickel plated skeleton presentation key:

(No case available)

Adtec KeysPrison Keysdimensions : 4.75" x 2.375" x 0.125"

available in the following types : 15, 65, F, and G


** Limited Stock. Good while supplies Last **

  size=6>Ornamental bit / skeleton keys


Silca 3F1730 Brass Ornamental Bit Key
Silca 3F1730 Brass
Silca 3F1730 Antique Brass Ornamental Bit Key
Silca 3F1730 Antq Brass
lrg Rectangular Antq Brass Ornamental Bit Key
Large Bow Antq Brass
Silca 3F1232 Antq Brass Ornamental Bit Key
Silca 3F1232 Antq Brass

Ornamental bit / skeleton keys (such as the above):
 $5.70 per key
  25 - 49 $5.00 ea
  50 - 99 $4.25 ea
100 +     $4.00 ea
500 +     $3.80 ea

There are more styles of skeleton keys available, some cost more, some less.
Check the skeleton key section of the key catalog then review the pricing sheets.

(Not to scale - the 3F1540 is just under 3" in length, the 3F1730s are about 2 3/4", the Lrg Bow Antq Brass are about 3 3/8" and the 3F1232 is about 2 1/2".
Stock is limited on hand. Large quantities may have a delay time as they are imported from Italy)


Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB & Discover Cards accepted

We accept:

Click here for an authorization form

Sorry, NO CODs

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